Saturday, August 8, 2009

How do I get to Peru?

To get to Peru you have to go through either Buenos Aires or Santiago to get to Lima (the capital) from Sydney. From Lima you will need to get a flight to Cusco. From the prices we have seen, it seems to work out cheaper if you buy the flight to Lima, rather than buying 2 seperate flights.

First areas to look into are:

STA - Pretty good quotes so far! We did business with a lovely guy by the name of Sean Morrison from Broadway Shoppingtown or 02 9211 2563.

Flight Centre - A friend of ours is a travel agent (pretty handy huh?) Her name is Kylie Johnson and she is more than happy to help anyone out with flights for the trip. Also if there are a few of you she can organise a group discount, so if anyone is thinking of doing this, then feel free to let us know and we can put you in contact with any others who are thinking of doing the same thing! She is located in Mosman, but you can do everything by email so you don't actually have to go to the north shore at any stage if you don't want to. Her contact details are: or 8968 8000

There are heaps of sites on the net which specialise in flights. Best Flights and are decent sites which we used as starting points with occasionally some good deals!

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